What’s Cookin’ at the Holiday Boutique?

Gift Set

Holiday Boutique Booth #104 Overland Park Convention Center Do you want to add some fun to your holiday season? How about perfect gift suggestions and really easy, but delicious desserts? The answer is at the Holiday Boutique and we invite you … [Keep reading...]

Mashed Potato Casserole

mashed potatoe casserole

The holidays are fast approaching and we turn our thoughts to the day of Thanks. How can we get it all prepared and keep it tasty and stress free? It seems as if the mashed potatoes always enter into the fray. Can you make them ahead? Can you use the … [Keep reading...]

Sour Beer Brased Brisket

Sour ale braised brisket

What a great time to be from Kansas City. After clinching the World Series, the entire city is united in fun. It took thirty years for our local team to win the World Series, so the excitement is Over The Moon! The entire city is painted blue! Add … [Keep reading...]

Slow Cooker Candy

slow cooker candy

This is the week that the countdown begins. You know the drill….Halloween is Saturday. Then we fasten our seat belts and brace for the official beginning of the holiday seasoning. You will blink and friends and family will be gathered around the … [Keep reading...]

It is time for dessert–from your slow cooker! Great flavors await you!

lemon cake

Get out your slow cooker. It is time to bake! Yes, you read that correctly—bake in your slow cooker.  Fall means it is time to get in the kitchen and bake! And we will show you how--with recipes galore and mixes for those that prefer.  Best of … [Keep reading...]

Italian Sausage Grinder

Italian Sausage Grinder

Hmmmm, I know what you’re thinking….this is not a recipe! That is exactly my point! On nights when the family is going in 10 different directions and dinner seems like a fragment of your imagination and you don’t have the energy to do “the … [Keep reading...]

Teriyaki and Orange Glazed Roasted Chicken

Roasted Terriyaki chicken

Chicken. Same old boring dinner? Not this time. Just like you, I tire of the same recipes and need something new and different. … [Keep reading...]

New Slow Cooker Cake Mixes

key Lime, whole with package, photo

The tart and sweet flavor of Key Lime, infused in a creamy cheesecake and topped with lime curd. Banana bread, moist and comforting, with an over the top flavor of chocolate and toffee. A rich, dense chocolate cake for chocolate loves, made … [Keep reading...]



Recently I was chatting with several of my friends who are also cookbook authors or avid gourmet cooks. We were discussing the recipes that were so easy to make at home instead of purchasing these already prepared foods at the grocery store. Foods … [Keep reading...]