Italian Sausage Grinder

Italian Sausage Grinder
Hmmmm, I know what you’re thinking….this is not a recipe! That is exactly my point! On nights when the family is going in 10 different directions and dinner seems like a fragment of your imagination and you don’t have the energy to do “the gourmet” thing or even the “midwestern dinner” thing have no fear. There is hope on the horizon. The sun always does come out tomorrow. Hang in there. Please, oh please don’t give in to the drive through or pizza delivery. [Keep reading...]

Teriyaki and Orange Glazed Roasted Chicken

Roasted Terriyaki chicken

Chicken. Same old boring dinner? Not this time.

Just like you, I tire of the same recipes and need something new and different. [Keep reading...]

New Slow Cooker Cake Mixes

key Lime, whole with package, photo
The tart and sweet flavor of Key Lime, infused in a creamy cheesecake and topped with lime curd.

Banana bread, moist and comforting, with an over the top flavor of chocolate and toffee.

A rich, dense chocolate cake for chocolate loves, made from not just one type of chocolate, but three, and frosted with still more chocolate.

Make your mouth water?

Ready to bake them? Get out your Crock Pot® (or slow cooker)  and…

Drum roll please.these are our three newest flavors of slow cooker cake mixes!!!!!!

Banoffee Breadtriple chocolate fudgeKey Lime Cheesecake

We are thrilled to announce that joining our two previous (and popular) slow cooker cake mixes are three new mixes!

  • Banoffee Bread
  • Key Lime Cheesecake
  • Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake

These three join our first two flavors:

  • Classic Vanilla Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache
  • Ultimate Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


five cake mixes

All are our original recipes, time-tested with years of experience and made easy so you can take all of the credit. The slow, moist heat of the slow cooker bakes cakes that are moist and flavorful. So moist, you can serve them with confidence, give them to friends and neighbors or even freeze them for convenient make-ahead baking.

Now, more breaking news! If you have a large, oval slow cooker (those 6 to 7-quart pots that are so popular now), you can bake your carrot cake, the triple fudge cake and the banoffee bread in a small loaf pan (about 8½ x 4½-inch inches). All of the mixes work beautifully in the 7-inch springform pan, and we continue to sell this small, ideally-sized pan, but if you have a loaf pan that fits in your oval Crock Pot®, these three mixes will work in it, too.

Click here for more info on baking in the slow cooker and our mixes and if you ready to purchase a mix or two, this on-line store makes it easy. Our retail locations are stocking up for fall and holiday baking, and will soon have the new flavors. You will also be able to taste and buy any of the mixes at the War Eagle Fair and the Overland Park Holiday Boutique. If you want to follow along  and visit with us at each appearance, we would love to meet you. 

We sure wish we could celebrate with you over a champagne toast—or better yet, a slice of cake and coffee or tea. We could not be more excited and thank you for your support.


Recently I was chatting with several of my friends who are also cookbook authors or avid gourmet cooks. We were discussing the recipes that were so easy to make at home instead of purchasing these already prepared foods at the grocery store. Foods such as salsa, guacamole, marinara and hummus were mentioned.

The conversation seemed to center around hummus and the jest of the conversation was that hummus was just way too easy to prepare at home and one would NEVER purchase hummus again if they started making it themselves. The group commented how it was easy to always have hummus ingredients on hand and flatbread or pitas in the freezer. A ready made appetizer or munchie to accompany a cocktail always on stand by. [Keep reading...]

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

It used to be we talked about whether it was correct to wear white after Labor Day. Never mind that the store shelves are filled with Halloween (or scarier yet, Christmas) displays. Now, my world seems to buzz about whether it is right to post apple … [Keep reading...]

Slow Cooker Desserts Published!

Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce

It’s official! We are excited to announce that our newest book, Slow Cooker Desserts, Oh So Easy, Oh So Delicious!, is published and ready for you to enjoy. September 1st is finally here and so is our new book! Yipeeeeeeeee!!! This has been so … [Keep reading...]

Slow Cooker Desserts, Oh So Easy, Oh So Delicious!

It is slow cooker time, so it is time to make Praline Pecan Bread Pudding or Warm Brownie Pudding. You might serve a scrumptious Old Fashioned Gingerbread, S’More Cheesecake, Farmhouse Peach Crisp, Apple Butter or a luscious lemon cake and let … [Keep reading...]

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Those of you that have young children, be careful, be very, very careful. It happens when you aren’t looking. You know what I am talking about--you’ve heard it hundreds of times, when you aren’t looking those precious toddlers, elementary … [Keep reading...]

Peach and Mango Salsa

Peach Mango Salsa on Salmon

Back to school time is so ingrained in our lives, that even if you aren’t in school, or have a school age child in your home, the cry, “Back To School” is loud and clear. It is everywhere and I know many families are facing the fact that soon, … [Keep reading...]