Perfect Pickles

Easy, great pickles photo

Pickles that are easy to make and taste fantastic. Pickles that are just sweet enough and just spicy enough–without waiting days for them to ferment or canning them properly. What a dream! So, go buy a jar you might suggest–but that just wasn’t the flavor I was longing.

It’s The Real Thing! Lemonade Recipe

It's the real thing, lemonade photo

When was the last time you tasted the real thing–lemonade that is refreshing, without a chemical taste and with just the right balance of sweet and tart? From the lemonade stand, to icy glasses at the fair or festival, to lazy days in the hammock, lemonade is the classic drink of summer. It tickles your [...]

Fresh pita breads

Fresh pita breads

Pita bread is a favorite of mine — almost a blank canvas just waiting for luscious toppings. Yet pita bread that tastes like cardboard or one that cracks and rips when you try to fill the pocket is just not what I want.

Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Quesadillas

Grilling shrimp and vegetables photo

Summer evenings are glowing from hot grills, smoky aromas are drifting by and sizzling food is calling us to the table. It is grilling season for sure. Have I mentioned I look forward to grilling season? And somehow, Father’s Day just seems to shout “Grilling Season” to me, as I remember many a night when [...]

Time For A Picnic!

It's Picnic Time photo

Outside is calling. It is time to dine outside and pack a picnic. Visit the Chow Town Blog, of the Kansas City Star, for our post on picnics, with lots of tips to make the packing simple. Now, what sounds good to eat? Glamorous picnics are captured in slick photos, but so many picnics are [...]

Sparkling Sangria

pouring a glass of sangria photo

The sizzle of summer days ahead need cool cocktails. One favorite I make during the summer is Sparkling Sangria and I love to sip from frosty glasses out on the patio. Pour it over a glass of ice and soak in the summer.

Lemon Pepper Salmon Recipe

Lemon Pepper Salmon Photo

We all eat seasonally—even if we don’t plan it that way. There is just something about a burger on the grill on a warm day – or a bowl of chili on a cold, rainy day. But what should you do when the weather is not typical? My answer this week was Lemon Pepper Salmon [...]

Travels and Food Inspirations

Babycakes Display

Home is comforting —but the new sights we saw, friends we made and tastes we experienced the last couple of weeks shine brightly for us! While, we typically share the latest dish cooking in one of our kitchens—today, we want to share two exciting culinary treats that just happened to come one right after the [...]

Lemon Velvet Cake Recipe

Lemon Velvet Cake Photo

As I write this, ice pellets are hitting the windowpane and collecting on dry brown leaves—but those leaves are encircling new, green daffodil shoots. Spring is struggling in our part of the Midwest. For me, it is time to chase away the winter doldrums and this Lemon Velvet Cake is just the dessert to do [...]

Texas Style Soup Recipe

Texas Style Soup Photo

Texas Style Soup, cooked in your slow cooker, is the perfect dish to make today. With so much of the country, (us included,) in the grips of major snowstorms, we could not resist the opportunity to share this “pantry-friendly” recipe on KSHB Kansas City Live today. It was such a fun show and in case [...]