Payday® Peanut Butter Cookies

Pay Day Cookies

You think you know someone. You know what I mean don’t you? You’ve been married more than 21 years, you think you know every little detail about that special someone, especially their likes and dislikes. Well, in case the years haven’t yet … [Keep reading...]

Marinated Flank Steak

Marinated Flank Steak Photo

Come over for dinner this weekend and this may be what I serve. It is my go-to recipe and my entire family loves it. Summer or winter, everyday family meals or friends over, this Marinated Flank Steak is a winner. … [Keep reading...]

Red Wine Sangria


After all the hoopla over Cinco de Mayo yesterday, it seemed only fitting to reminisce over other refreshing beverages for the warm days ahead. With temperatures soaring into the 80’s this week, the time is now to sweep off the deck or patio and … [Keep reading...]

Black Bean Corn Salad

Black Bean Corn Salad

We invited friends over last weekend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a bit early. Anytime we can share margaritas and Mexican food, then laugh and giggle is a good time in our book. When I was planning the menu, I really did not want to serve … [Keep reading...]

Egg Salad Recipe that is nothing like Mom’s

Parsi Deviled Eggs Photo

  Do you have hard cooked eggs lingering in the refrigerator? Once the hunt is over, what can you possibly do with all of those eggs? Use them for some trendy, great tasting dishes! Really. Don’t you believe me? … [Keep reading...]

Dutch Baby Recipe

Dutch Baby Photo

A Dutch Baby for Easter? You bet!  The name doesn't sound like a scrumptious breakfast or dessert, does it? Some may know it as an oven baked German pancake, and others may not have heard of this super simple, great tasting dish. Fantastic flavor … [Keep reading...]

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables Studies show that we should eat 4 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables each day. Are you on track? Some days are better than others in our busy lives but one thing is for sure, Grilled Vegetables are always a winner with my … [Keep reading...]

Glazed Lemon Bars

Lemon Bar

                                      You know it is coming and it must be getting closer. Are you … [Keep reading...]

Malted Milk Cake Recipe

Malted Milk Cake Photo

Handwriting is such a simple thing, and yet, most of us miss seeing it when someone passes away. It sounds odd, but it is true for handwriting is so personal. Suddenly,a scrap of paper with anything written on it becomes a cherished memory. When I … [Keep reading...]